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Palmyra leaf steamer(Neethu Petti) is one of the famous traditional kitchen equipment in Jaffna and other parts of Sri Lanka. It use to make Pittu(The traditional and popular food in Sri Lanka).

This pinky palm leaf sweet tray will be an alternative to serve sweets and snacks on any occasions.

Palmyra Leaf Tray රු2,720.00රු3,060.00

Our selection of palm leaf trays are specially crafted from natural palm leaf and are home compostable or can be wiped clean and reused with dry foods.

Palmyra Leaf Trivets රු900.00රු990.00

Trivets come in different designs and materials. The most important characteristic of a good trivet is it prevents stains and heat damage to your table or countertop. This palm trivet is specially handwoven with palmyrah leaves. These pieces compliment your table setting.

Traditional palmyra leaf Winnower (Sulaku) is an assortment of every woman’s kitchen trove. This exquisite winnowing tray is ideal to do away with every hassle of drying food items(Rice, Dhal, Gram and so on). Buy this set of winnowing trays and add these to your kitchenette.

Pen holder රු560.00රු640.00

Natural Palm Leaves are woven with a traditional weave pattern to create this elegant Pen Stand. Adds colour and beauty to your home and office. Can also be used as a Spoon stand or as a small Vase

Handwoven picnic basket that is made from Palmyrah leaf. Basket with handle for carrying food and things for picnic times.


Rainbow Bag රු3,600.00

This handmade platter serves as a great addition to any indoor or outdoor setting. Its portable design makes it perfect for parties and entertaining guests, and its delicate, wicker design adds lots of charm to both indoor and outdoor spaces. And this is the best choice for a housewarming gift, birthday gift, wedding centrepiece and decoration, bridal shower, mother’s day gift idea, gift for her etc. It is perfect for a variety of uses from displaying fresh fruits and bakes goods at a party, to storing candles, and to serving dinner or drinks.

Are you planning to send holiday/Christmas gifts to your loved ones?
Are you looking for gift boxes to decorate and send gifts for a seasonal business campaign?
Well, we have beautiful and eco-friendly boxes made out from Palmyrah leaves based on the seasonal theme.

This beautiful red hot shopping basket made out of natural palmyrah leaf make your shopping easy.

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