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It’s a perfect place for storing cosmetics or the other bathroom goods in the bathroom.

This woven basket is safe for all of your loved ones. Each cute storage basket is made from 100% natural palmyrah leaf. 

And these storage bins are great gift baskets for baby showers, cute empty gift baskets to fill, baby laundry bin, baby laundry basket, magazine basket, book basket, towel storage. Can also be used to organize your baby blankets, clothes, toys, pet toy basket.


Bulb holder රු810.00

Let’s try something unique, go eco-friendly and use handwoven palm leaf bulb holder as a substitute to harmful plastics

Adron your dining table with these Trivets for this Christmas party.
Red and Green mix Trivets!

The coasters made of natural 100% Palmyra leaf are the perfect choice for everyday use at home or in the office.

This set of coasters can be a great decorative idea for your own house or it can be a wonderful gift for your loved ones.

Enjoy drinking your tea or coffee with our beautiful eco-friendly cup coasters!

Trivets come in different designs and materials. The most important characteristic of a good trivet is it prevents stains and heat damage to your table or countertop. This palm trivet is specially handwoven with palmyrah leaves. These pieces compliment your table setting.

If you’re entertaining guests, then you often want a dining table that shines with elegance. It’s the best way to make a good impression, and using this dining table set will help immensely. With a PALMYRAH leaf table runner and trivets. you’ll definitely make a good impression. Everything you see in the set was handcrafted by skilled artisans. 

This set includes 4 trivets and one table runner.

Trivet size – D-10”(Round), Runner size – 21×10” (Rectangle)


Beautifully hand woven palm leaf flower vase will add something special to your interior decoration. You can use this to decorate spaces at home or office.

Create a fantastic, thoughtful hamper for your loved one. Simply fill this basket full of tasty treats, drinks and more – then decorate it for a truly personal touch.

This is the perfect way to assemble a personalised, luxury gift for friends or family. It’ll be ideal for celebrating any special occasion. Give a creative gift with a handmade touch. Once your gifts are given and the celebrations are over, this lovely basket can be used many other times for picnics or storage!


An essential market bag for all your shopping needs!

Our handcrafted market bag is made from natural palmyrah leaf by local artisans. This bag perfect fit for your everyday needs, be it shopping or use for carrying things to picnic.


Send your wedding guests to their homes with something to help them keep your wedding day in their memories for a lifetime with these exquisite and elegant hand weave wedding cake boxes. This is not only for cake, but you can also keep any wedding sweets in this box and give them to guests. This definitely makes it different and unique on your special day.

This beautiful hat is handwoven from palmyrah leaves and it’s perfect for keeping the sun off your face while looking effortlessly stylish.

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