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  1. Click this link (It will redirect to initial Xoom page)



2. Log In the account for the transaction-[If you already have a PayPal account], otherwise have to create an account via click the Sign-Up



3. Once you logged into Xoom, select Send Money at the top left corner and select the country in dropdown[Sri Lanka], And click the Send Now button



4. Type in the amount. And click the confirm button



5. Then select the Bank Deposit option and click the Continue button



6. Then have to fill bank details. Select menu and type in Hatton and pick Hatton National Bank PLC



7. Type in Account Number - 146010005867. And click Continue.



8. After you put in the account number, you will be asked for details of the recipient details.

Name - Olai Shop [Pvt] Ltd

Address - No-755/2, Hudson Road, Vaddakachchi, Kilinochchi, Northern, Sri Lanka. Postal code-42400.

Phone - +94 76 316 7846

E-mail -

And click Continue to Payment, and complete the transaction.



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